Meet the Creator

Douglas has always leaned more to the dark side of art. He always enjoyed making things with his hands and creating what was in his mind. He began creating Replica Skulls in the thoughts of how they could be used in helping teach people about animals and history. The skulls he creates are all based on hi-res scans of real skulls from museums and labs. They are 3D printed in resin, to give a perfect replica. He then hand paints each one. The ability to give people and teaching institutions a skull of an extinct animal for people to hold onto and feel, was a big push for Douglas.

On top of creating Replica Skulls, he began to create other Oddities, and Collectibles from Alligator Loki to Moon Knights Crescent Dart. He has been working with multiple production companies on making props .

He was contacted by the Netflix show Two Sentence Horror Stories to make the skulls to be hand props in Season 3.


With over 20 years working in the entertainment industry in Lighting, Audio, & Video with theatre, dance, concerts, movies & TV. Douglas has honed his talents and skills learning more and more everyday. He is an award winning lighting designer, and award winning photographer. He is a product photographer, as well as a stills photographer for movies and TV.